Free Perth Seminars
Monday 20th June 2005

Breathing's where it's at.

Bee-keeping is a physically demanding occupation and six weeks ago Jim Ligman of Busselton was having trouble staying awake through the day, let alone lugging hives around and driving long distances. I had been fit and healthy all my life but I contracted Ross River virus around 2000 and was also diagnosed with sleep apnea and put on a CPAP machine at night. I used the machine for four years but got progressively worse and absolutely hated it and its side effects.

On 9 August I started a Buteyko breath retraining course which has turned my life around. I stopped using the CPAP machine on the first night and had no apneas. My snoring has steadily diminished and my length and quality of sleep and daytime energy levels have increased dramatically. Aches and pains in my bones, joints and muscles have all gone and I again feel calm and patient. The theory is sensible, the process is simple and the cost is minimal compared to what I have spent on unsuccessful medical treatment.

Jim's Buteyko Practitioner, Steve Lumsdaine of Breath Connection, says that Jim's results are typical and that he expects continued improvements including weight loss and lowering of blood pressure over the next couple of months. Steve says: Historically, Buteyko was used to get asthmatics free of the symptoms and need for medication but currently most asthmatics are on a dubious combination of long-acting bronchodilator and steroid which tends to eliminate their symptoms but make their underlying hyperventilation worse while doubling their risk of heart attack - according to recent studies from Cornell and Stanford Universities. Most of my current clients come for snoring and sleep apnea and the fatigue and exhaustion which usually accompany them.

Breath Power will be running free seminars on Breathing and Health, Breathing and Disease in Perth on Monday 20th June 2005.
Phone (08) 9316 0193 for details and reservations or email.

Jim Ligman