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Group Weekday Workshops
Last updated 5th July 2008
Please email for next Perth weekday workshop details
Next Perth Weekday Workshop Starts
21st July 2008
at Melville Recreation Centre
to register your interest

Group Weekend Workshops


If substantial interest is received, workshops may be scheduled earlier than listed. Be sure to include preferred dates and city.
email here for inquiries in cities not listed.

Next Perth Weekend Workshop Starts
18th July 2008
at Melville Recreation Centre
to register your interest or register online now!
Next Gold Coast Weekend Workshop Starts
25th July 2008 at The Wave Resort
email to register your interest
Next Brisbane Weekend Workshop Scheduled for
1st August
2008 at Westend Central Apartments
to register your interest
Next Sydney Weekend Workshop Starts
8th August 2008
at Harbourside Apartments
McMahons Point, NORTH SYDNEY
to register your interest
Next Darwin Weekend Workshop Scheduled for
22nd August 2008
at Skycity
to register your interest
Next Adelaide Weekend Workshop Scheduled for
29th August 2008
at Oaks Horizons
to register your interest
Next Melbourne Weekend Workshop Starts
15th September 2008
at Pacific International Apartments
to register your interest
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Weekend Workshop Info and pricelist pdf
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Busselton and surrounds Workshops
Next Busselton, Margaret River & Bunbury Workshops Commence soon please email Steve Lumsdaine directly
Individual Programs & Home Visits
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About Buteyko
Buteyko's Discovery
Diseases of Civilisation
Symptoms of Hyperventilation
Asthma & Disordered Breathing
Advertising Material
Regain the Power of Breath Page 1, Page 2
Regaining the Power of Breath Page 1, Page 2
Consciously Breathing
Health Outbreak Coming Your Way
Newsletter Issue 1, Volume 1
Page 1
, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Technical Information
The History of Buteyko Page 1, Page 2
The Theory of Buteyko Page 1, Page 2
Buteyko's Theory on Diabetes Page 1, Page 2
Biochemical Analysis
Buteyko's Statement
What Doctors have said about Buteyko Breathing
Official Clinical Trial Results
Buteyko breathing techniques in asthma:
a blinded randomised controlled trial 1994
Medical Observer Weekly - My Dr
Buteyko in the Media
New Idea October 1993- Controlling Asthma
Bulletin Magazine - 1996
The Sydney Weekly - Oct 1997
For Me Magazine January 1998
BBC1 QED August 1998 "Breathless" Page 1, Page 2
Nirmala Magazine April 2000 in Indonesian
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5
It's enough to Make you Gasp
About Aaron
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To Breathe Less or Not To Breathe Less
That is The Question?
Are you Ready to Reduce your
reliance on medication?
Are you Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired?
Are you looking for drug-free,
safe & effective techniques?
Are you Ready to Feel Better this Weekend?
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Free Seminars

Buteyko Breathing & its effect on
Allergies, Eczema, Hayfever & Urticaria
Anxiety & Obvious Hyperventilation
Asthma & Other Respiratory Conditions
CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
Emphysema,COAD, COPD & Chronic Bronchitis
High Blood Pressure & Obesity
Other Diagnosed Conditions
Personal health
Snoring & Sleep Disorders
Stress Management
Personal Health
Weight Normalisation
Sports Performance Enhancement
Asthmatic Testimonial - Genevieve Baster-Sallon
Asthma, Bronchiectasis Testimonial - The Krause's
Asthmatic Testimonial - Reece Hogan
Bronchiectasis Testimonial - Clair McGlinchy
Asthma & Emphysema Testimonial - Jonathan Kester
Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Migraine
Emphysema Testimonials
Chronic Fatigue Testimonials
Asthma & Sleep Apnoea Testimonial
Anxiety Testimonial
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Links to Other Buteyko Sites

Steve Lumsdaine's Site
Base location Busselton, WA

Christopher Drake's Site
Base location South East Asia

Jac Vidgen's site
Base location South East Asia

Deb Meredith's Site - Northcoast NSW Australia
Base location Coffs Harbour, NSW

Buteyko on-line Media
ABC Health Report 1997
ABC Health Report 1998
Catalyst ABC - 23rd August 2001
Asthma Research 30 July 2002
Various Articles 2003-04
Young Writers Award - 2003
Obstructive sleep apnoea and breathing retraining - August 2004 - (pdf)
Lucy breathes easy - 2nd September 2004
Aaron Lumsdaine's
Breath Power-Buteyko Training Services

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Recent Media on Buteyko Breathing
Star TV's Focus Asia
segment "Bad Breath" on Buteyko's Method with
Jac Vidgen -
Asthma and Sleep Apnoea

Breathe Easy For Health
Interview with Steve Lumsdaine (September 8, 2004)

Breath-taking science
Can breathing exercises extend your life?
The experts can't agree, writes Wendy Champagne.
Health Section 23-09-04

Live-In Adventure Workshop Retreat scheduled for September 2008 Register your interest for here

Margaret River, WA Live-In Workshop September 2008
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